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The Tower

My last post was written while my fear was still very fresh. I feel far stronger now, having discussed it with the Gods and Allies and my spiritually-inclined, spirit-guided and highly intuitive roommate; having bathed myself and the room in peppermint, tea tree, and rose water and being very direct and threatening with the presence that was […]

The Face of the Goddess

It would have been difficult for me to have enjoyed my first reading of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon more than I have. I’m still not quite finished, but I have spent all 586 pages that I’ve read drooling over her perfectly cohesive fusion of historical fiction, her own imagining of Arthurian legend […]

Sensing the Pulse

There are many times I find I must sleep with the lights on, or with gentle Irish folk playing, or next to another warm body–if I even desire sleep at all. Tonight is one of those nights, as I still twitter about at 4:30 AM, reading and spellweaving, messing with the puppy and wildcrafting, getting […]