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Kindling, Tending, and Drawing from the Hearth-Fire with Brigid, Frigga, and Eir

I’ve made a habit over the past couple months of lighting a tealight on my kitchen windowsill above the sink before starting the morning cooking and getting into the day. After my son wakes up and we head downstairs, I turn on the lights, turn on the heaters, and head to the kitchen, where as […]

Embarkation: Renewing My Dedication to the Dedicant Path

To those who noticed that Hemlock & Hawthorn briefly went private (and I know there were some because I received quite a few requests to grant individuals access!), it was due to some personal concerns about my and my son’s safety, and the desire to go a bit more anonymous until some turmoil in our lives simmered […]

Kitchen Witchcraft & Magic

Kitchen magic was one of my first introductions to modern witchcraft. The simple charms, the belief in eating with purpose, living simply, getting as close to the source as possible, and that the emotions and desires we pour into the food we cook is swallowed into the body with each morsel resounded fully within me, […]