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Originally posted on   Rogue Priest:
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Aaron Swartz ended his own life Friday. In his 26 years he invented RSS, which makes this blog possible, and then dedicated himself to fighting for internet freedom. Political philosopher Ari Kohen shared a story about his life, which eulogizes him—correctly, I believe—as a hero: …He committed himself…


It’s not something Pagans want to talk about it. The Neo-Pagans think it immoral and any Pagans, magic-workers, and worshippers who perform it mentally ill, but serve slaughter-house lamb at the dinner table and worship gods who indulged in such sacrifices “in the past.” The Pagans, magic-workers, and worshippers who perform it won’t discuss that […]

*ghos-ti- and Offending Your Allies

I am a Witch, a shapeshifter, a pious polytheist, animist, and necromancer, and a Dedicant Druid–but unfortunately this does not make me exempt from being an idiot. I have offended the Gods, broken promises when I was too young and ignorant to make them (fortunately these were not binding oaths and vows made in ritual, […]