Mythology & Lore

The body of mythos relevant to my beliefs and practices, as retold by me, drawing upon and quoting historical sources, modern research, the experience and opinions of my fellow modern worshipers, and personal experience (“unverified personal gnosis“). Sources often differ considerably on the events of the myths, and where they do, my own personal tradition (with the help of the gods and spirits) fills in the gaps (e.g., there is much disagreement over the birth of Dionysus, and whether Semele and Persephone are the same woman; in my own telling, Zeus begot Zagreus with Persephone, who was ripped apart by the Titans stirred to bloodlust by Hera; the King of the Gods saved only Zagreus’ heart, which he fed in a drink to Semele, impregnating her with Dionysus).


Hermes’ Theft of Apollo’s Cattle


Tigh nam Bodach


Birth of Dionysus
Icarius, Erigone & the Gift of Wine
Ariadne & the Minotaur


Hermes’ Theft of Apollo’s Cattle


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