ADF Dedicant Work

What to record in your Dedicant Path journal (adapted from the Dedicant guide):

  • The date, location, and intention of any Druidic ritual or meditative exercise performed. If possible, write a short summary of how you felt as a result, and any other outcomes you find important.
  • A record of the divinations and omens you perform and draw, and notes toward your understanding of the divinatory system you’re using.
  • Notes on the High Days, their meaning and symbolism, as you prepare for each.
  • Notes on the books read and your reaction to them.
  • Notes on your understanding of the Nine Virtues, as they occur to you or as they arise in your work.
  • Notes on your understanding of the Three Kindred as your work progresses with them, and as they become more aware of you.
  • Notes on the land on which you live–land and water, air and resources.
  • Your evolving understanding of our Druidry.

Plan to make an entry at least once per week in your journal. Such an entry should include any rituals or meditations you worked that week, and any other topic on which you might write some musings.


Written discussions of the Dedicant’s understanding of each of the Nine Virtues: Wisdom, Piety, Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Hospitality, Moderation, and Fertility. Other virtues, such as those from the Dedicant’s hearth culture, may be included and compared to the Nine.

Short essays on each of the High Days, including a discussion of the meaning of each feast: Midwinter, February Feast, Spring Equinox, May Feast, Midsummer, August Feast, Autumn Equinox, November Feast.

A brief account of each High Day ritual attended or performed by the Dedicant in a twelve month period, with at least four being ADF style.

Short book reviews on at least: one Indo-European studies title, one preferred ethnic study title, and one modern paganism title.

A brief description, with photos if possible, of the Dedicant’s home shrine and plans for future improvements.

An essay focusing on the Dedicant’s understanding of the meaning of the “Two Powers” meditation or other form of grounding and centering, as used in meditation and ritual. This account should include impressions and insights that the Dedicant gained from practical experience.

An essay or journal covering the Dedicant’s personal experience of building mental discipline, through the use of meditation, trance, or other systematic techniques twice a week for at least five months.

An account of the Dedicant’s efforts to work with nature, honor the Earth, and understand the impacts and effects of the Dedicant’s lifestyle choices on the environment and/or the local ecosystem and how she or he could make a difference to the environment on a local level.

One essay describing the Dedicant’s understanding of and relationship to each of the Three Kindred: the Spirits of Nature, the Ancestors, and the Gods.

A brief account of the Dedicant’s efforts to develop and explore a personal spiritual practice, drawn from a specific culture or combination of cultures.

The text of the Dedicant’s Oath Rite and a self-evaluation of the Dedicant’s performance of the rite.


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