The Gods of Waincraft

The Daughter of Cernunnos by Niiv

Those modern folk who have worked with the Powers of the Land, in whatever European form they prefer, have found that there are certain archetypal forms that the Vanir relate to, from the Pale Lady to the Lord of the Green, the King of Sea and Air, the Lord of the Wild Woods, the Lady of Passion, the Dark Mother, the Wild Father, the Witch-Queen and the Snow Queen and the Maker.

Nicanthiel Hrafnhild, “The Vanir Theory”

Primal Gods: The Star Mother/Mother Night, the Shaman Father, the Lord of Plenty

Three Weird Sisters: Witcher, Watcher, Wother

Rulers of the World: The Storm Lord, the Holy Earth, the King of the Waters

High Ladies: The Red Lady, the Healer, the Gatekeeper

Sky Gods: The Dawn-Shiner, the Warming Sun, the Wandering Moon, the Maker

Land Gods: The Lord of the Green, the Maiden of the Wood, the Guider

The Warriors: The Archer, the Noble Hunter, the Lady of Shadows, the Battle Lord

Gods of the Otherworld: The Calmer, the Lord of the Winds, the Lady of Elphame, the Lord of the Otherworld

Hall-Keepers: Horn-Bearer, Word-Shaper

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