“In order to give you and me free access to scholarly articles, he broke into a campus and stole them. Often, people ask me what heroism looks like if you don’t want to travel, if you’re not physical, if you don’t fight or run into burning buildings. This is what it looks like.” Rogue Priest Drew Jacob has beautifully honored Aaron Swartz’s memory in the above post.

Rest in peace, Aaron. You will not be forgotten for everything you did to uphold your selfless ideals, for your belief that free access to knowledge is not a luxury but a right. Your existence and heroism is an honor to humanity and an inspiration to anyone that would care not only to dream of, but to live in a world of equal opportunity.

  Rogue Priest

Aaron Swartz ended his own life Friday.

In his 26 years he invented RSS, which makes this blog possible, and then dedicated himself to fighting for internet freedom.

Political philosopher Ari Kohen shared a story about his life, which eulogizes him—correctly, I believe—as a hero:

…He committed himself to the causes in which he so passionately believed: internet freedom, civil liberties, making information and knowledge as available as possible. Here he is in his May, 2012 keynote address at the Freedom To Connect conference discussing the role he played in stopping SOPA, the movie-industry-demanded legislation that would have vested the government with dangerous censorship powers over the internet.

Critically, Swartz didn’t commit himself to these causes merely by talking about them or advocating for them. He repeatedly sacrificed his own interests, even his liberty, in order to defend these values and challenge and subvert the most powerful factions that were…

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